Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission, vision and values form the basis of everything we do at EMAR Offshore Services. These guide us in our daily work and form the basis for our roadmap to the future. 


It is our mission to be the Maritime Service Provider of choice to our clients, by delivering the highest level of service in their need for maritime knowledge and equipment through a continuous focus on their absolute essentials and requirements with the end goal to ensure maximum results and the most (cost) effective solutions.


Our world and market have rapidly changed over the years, creating a strong focus on safe, clean and (cost) efficient solutions. We believe this demand or ‘pre-condition’ will even increase towards the future. To keep servicing our clients best with our maritime services we will continuously invest in our people, our fleet and relationships with other ship owners and suppliers which will enable growth, optimise our versatile service portfolio and strengthen our position in all (niche) markets we (plan to) operate in.

Your Maritime Service Provider