Our Fleetlist
Port of RegistryWerkendam
Flagthe Netherlands
Vessel TypeFlat Top Barge - Spud Barge
Year of Build2019
ClassAmerican Bureau of Shipping I ✠ HULL Unrestricted Navigation Unmanned Towing

Main Dimensions

Length o.a.76,20 metres
Gross Tonnage2310 Mtons
Beam o.a.24,38 metres
Depth at side4,88 metres
Min. Draught0,80 metres
Max. Draught3,62 metres
Nett Tonnage693 Mtons
Length o.a.76.20 mtr.


Spud Handling ArrangementHydraulic cylinders or winches
Spud PolesSpuds with a diameter of 914mm
Towing ArrangementTowing bridle with chains and emergency towing arrangement

Standard Outfitting

FenderingFourty-eight (48) pieces of tyres approx. 900mm dia 200mm think in size
Towing BracketsFour (4) 80 Swl Smit Towing Brackets are fitted on main deck (2 at the Fwd and 2 at the Aft)
ManholesFlush Type Manholes
Boarding LaddersRecessed ladders 2 x PS & 2 x SB
Spud Pole Foundations4 (two on each side)
BollardEight (8) double bitts, mooring bollards of 12"
Anchor WinchOne (1) Diesel operated winch of 10 Mton Capacity and 1500kgs. Anchor. The Drum has a storage capacity of 70m wire rope of Ø28mm


Numer of Compartments24 void spaces
Deck Plate Thickness16mm


Deck Load20 Mtons m2
Cargo Capacity4895 Mtons


General Arrangement